Injectable Manufacturing

Vials and Syringes

Row of empty vials.

Vial filling

  • 2R to 50R ready-to-use glass or plastic vials
  • 100% In-Process-Control (IPC)
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • Peristaltic filling
  • In-line vial washing and depyrogenation, coming 2026 
  • Flexible batch sizes 
Row of syringes being filled.

Syringe filling

  • 1 mL long and 1 to 50 mL ready-to-use nested syringes
  • Statistical In-Process-Control (IPC)
  • Vent and vacuum stoppering
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • Peristaltic filling
  • Rotary piston for viscous filling, coming 2026
  • Flexible batch sizes 

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